Why Choose Us?

Investing in the UK can be very confusing
Where to invest? Who to trust? Where is the best yield? What is the future of the area? These are some of the many concerns about which our investors have wanted advice.

We offer management and assistance from the moment you meet with us to tenanting and yield management of your investment. These are outsourced to reliable companies in the local areas be they in Hove, London or Liverpool.
Our services are designed to accommodate long distance investing and our seamless buy-to-let process has been fine-tuned over the last decade.
Should an occasional small hiccup occur as can happen from time to time, we immediately address it, solve the issue and move on.
We always tell our investors that no matter how long distance your property is you still need to get involved. Check the rental and make sure you talk to the management agents. Ask for photos of the property every six months and maybe ask a friend in the area to drive past. This way the agent knows you are on top of your investment.

As buy-to-let investors ourselves, with properties in South Africa, London and Liverpool, we have a strong team to assist on all levels but we also keep a firm grip on the monthly management.

Propwealth Services include:
1. Sourcing bespoke and suitable properties designed for long-distance "armchair" investing that will have cash flow and capital growth over the medium to long term.

2. Presenting a full Due Diligence to each investor including a macro and microsummary, comparative market analysis, yield forecasts and floor plans.

3. Negotiating for the best purchase price based on yields when needed.

4. Upgrading the property, if not an off-plan development, and all administration including the legal paperwork.

5. In Liverpool we have the developers rental company that looks after our own and the investors properties. In London we go with the agents who are recommended to us.

6. We also offer portfolio building and joint venture opportunities.

7. You have unlimited access to our own personal business network that we have fine-tuned and developed over the past seven years. Our tried and tested team of professionals from accountants, banks, lawyers and rental teams, all working at maximizing your property.