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As the United Kingdom property market starts to recover post Brexit, investors and developers are looking at creative ways, both to receive the highest possible yield and to finance their properties for the next decade. Propwealth, a UK-based property company run by South Africans, highlights three affordable options that are proving very popular with local... Read more »

It will soon be easier to move up to R10 million out of South Africa without intense scrutiny from the SA Revenue Service (Sars). Finance minister Tito Mboweni said “financial emigration” will be phased out by March 2021. Rather than prohibiting all foreign exchange transactions except for a list of those allowed – as has been... Read more »

With the resurgence in residential property investing in the United Kingdom, many South Africans are opting to move their offshore allowances into this asset class.There are many ways to buy property in the UK, and now with people’s inboxes becoming inundated with offers from agents selling their wares to overseas investors, it’s useful to know... Read more »

As a new decade dawns, many South African property investors are wondering what the UK has to offer in terms of both returns and capital growth. As we move into the Brexit phase of the UK and “normal life” is now returning after the  prolonged deadlock in Westminster, there is a definite sense, in the... Read more »

Looking for the key to successful property investment? Use our 2019/2020 buy-to-let guide yield to find prime pockets of profit and discover which areas aren’t worth the money.  Continued changes in tax relief and greater landlord responsibilities are two factors that may have you wondering if residential investment properties are worth it. To help you... Read more »

More and more South Africansare taking advantage of the favourable rand/sterling exchange rate by using their annual discretionary allowances to move money offshore. Many people are looking at investing in UK real estate on the back of flat-lining property prices that have been affected by the uncertainty of Brexit and the sharp drop in overpriced... Read more »

The latest figures show Liverpool City Region’s Visitor Economy is now worth over £4.9bn, last year welcomed 67.3m visitors to the region and supports over 57,000 jobs. These findings are contained in the latest independent research for 2018 commissioned by the Visitor Economy Team at Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). Headline city region-wide... Read more »

AN EMERGING SECTOR The Residential Investment sector is gaining traction in the UK. Investors looking for long-term returns are seeking out the opportunities afforded in the expanding private rented sector, especially purpose-built age-targeted accommodation. The Residential Investment sector, incorporating purpose-built Student Accommodation, investment-grade and purpose-built rented accommodation (PRS) and Senior Living has been expanding rapidly... Read more »

Investing in offshore property can be a daunting decision for South African investors, especially if they ‘do it themselves’ rather than utilising a financial advisor or fund manager. However, because of similar taxation and legal structures, many feel far more comfortable with UK real estate. It is always important to remember, as with every investment... Read more »

By Magnus Heystek* South Africa’s massive investment industry must be secretly very happy with the fact that the decimation of journalism in South Africa, and financial journalism in particular, has led to very poor and superficial reporting on local investment trends. Added to that, is the fact that many media outlets are furthermore hesitant to... Read more »

Rising UK house prices have left many middle-age workers unable to afford a first home, or as accidental renters after a relationship break-up, which is why significantly more older tenants are now renting from a private landlord than they were a few years ago. Given that there is now more of a focus on supporting... Read more »

The United Kingdom offers a variety of real estate investment possibilities and many South Africans are climbing on the investment ladder with less than a R1 million. Craig Illman, from UK-based Propwealth, highlights two investment styles that are popular with South Africans. “There are basically two types of investors; the cash buyer who wants higher... Read more »

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