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With South Africans focusing on offshore investment options, many are looking at the UK for property investment opportunities. Over the past months, and even with the uncertainty of Brexit, the residential property market has revealed some excellent deals for savvy investors. “We have seen a surge in people wanting to invest offshore, and more and... Read more »

Buy-to-let landlords can still expect to achieve double-digit yields when investing up north, fresh research shows. A new survey by TotallyMoney provides both an interesting insight into the market and a useful tool for buy-to-let landlords, revealing that the north of England, and in particular Liverpool, currently offers the highest rental yields. The research, which... Read more »

New research from Private Finance has revealed that the UK’s top BTL hotspot is now Liverpool, delivering landlords average rental yields of 8%, once mortgage costs are taken into account. As housing and mortgage costs have the biggest influence on yield, Liverpool takes the top spot as it has a combination of low average house... Read more »

The buy-to-let market is shifting quickly in England. This multi-billion pound investment class is now following rental yields rather than capital growth as people are forced to rent rather than buy. The resilience in the market is evident as UK investors, post the Brexit referendum and now an ill-timed General Election, “simply get on with... Read more »

The Barclays UK Property Predictor provides a three-to-five year forecast of property hotspots, revealing the areas across the UK where house prices and rental incomes are expected to see the biggest rises. The Property Predictor uses factors including rental trends, employment levels and commuter behaviour as well as current house prices to create an index... Read more »

Developer Peel says there has been progress behind the scenes at massive redevelopment site Developer Peel has revealed plans for an industrial park at Wirral Waters that could create hundreds of jobs – and is pushing ahead with plans for a “University of the Sea” and a new creative hub for Wirral. Peel says it... Read more »

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