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Investing in UK Buy to Let property can seem like a daunting task for South Africans. Many people are put off by the long-distance logistics involved as well as where and how to buy. However, according to Propwealth, a UK based company specialising in UK investments this can easily be overcome. Craig Illman, a South... Read more »

The rate at which rents are rising is at a 13-year high, while demand soared by 76% in the New Year. Get the latest with our Rental Market Report. Key takeaways Based on new lets agreed, average UK rents are now £969 per month The rate at which rents are rising reached a 13-year high... Read more »

House prices in Birmingham are expected to rise the most of any city in the UK, boosted by the Commonwealth Games. Property consultants JLL predict that over the next five years the average home in the ‘Second City’ will rise by 4.9% pa, thanks to a number of infrastructural and cultural developments. Rental values will... Read more »

Nearly 12 million homes have increased in value by £49,000 or more since 2016. How much could your home be worth? The total value of British homes has soared by 20% in the past five years.  That’s a whopping £1.6 trillion (tn), around the same figure as the market cap of Apple – the world’s... Read more »

Demand for properties consistently outpaces supply, due to a lack of new homes being built in Britain I read an interesting statistic this week. Apparently more homes are expected to be sold this year than in any other year since 2007. The estate agent Hamptons, which made the claim, forecasts that 1.5 million homes will... Read more »

The number of three and four-bedroom homes coming up for sale has dropped to a five-year low, as buyers rush to snap up properties with more space, new data shows. Annually, listings of four-bedroom homes have slumped 58 per cent in Scotland, 44 per cent in the South, 42 per cent in the North West... Read more »

Offshore financing can be a challenge when it comes to buying property – these are some of the options available to South Africans.   South African investors are taking advantage of both the extremely low interest rates in the United Kingdom, and the stronger rate of exchange, to leverage their property purchases. Offshore financing can be... Read more »

Birmingham is forecast to see the strongest house price and rental value growth over the next five years, compared to the rest of UK cities, with year on year growth expected from 2022-2025. That’s according to JLL’s UK Residential Forecast Report, ‘Home is… for everything’, which says UK house prices are forecast to dip towards... Read more »

Even on the brink of Brexit, 2021 is proving an interesting year for the UK property market as opportunities abound. The Greater London market has cooled but other regions of the UK have seen an increase in investment interest, according to the latest research by Rightmove. “It is expected that in areas in the North,... Read more »

This is according to Verismart, following recently analysed data of the private rental and home-owner sectors in the UK. For some, renting is not a choice. As more would-be homeowners are priced out of the market, renting is fast becoming the norm in the UK. For others, renting offers a more cost effective, less stressful... Read more »

As UK property once again becomes a popular investment class, after the doldrums of Covid 19, many South African investors are looking at how to finance their purchase in the best possible way. Anthony Doyle, director of UK based Propwealth, takes a look at some traditional, and more creative ways, to raise a mortgage as... Read more »

Property in the UK offers an opportunity to build wealth and benefit from monthly cash returns in sterling. While setting up a company as a hedging strategy helps guard against the uncertain economic climate in South Africa. Why South Africans are taking their businesses to the UK It’s all about stability, along with one of... Read more »

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