Our South African investors are looking for a Rand/Sterling hedge and a secure property in the UK offers this. As with many businesses we have gone virtual with our meetings which is perfect for our global clients as well as our South African investors, so please contact us to set up a time to Zoom call.  We are available office hours Monday to Friday

Four Easy  Steps to Investing Virtually
1. Request a Zoom call when its convenient and let us know what you’re looking for.
2. We will email you all the necessary info prior so you are prepared  with any queries.
3. We can discuss your individual strategy on the call . We also offer MEET THE TEAM  where you can have an opportunity to meet the developers as well.
4. You make a decision based on the due diligence provided.

Meeting us via virtual appointments which will cover aspects including:
* Your requirements in building a sensible cash generating portfolio
* Investing in buy-to-let property starting at £29950
* Cash flow versus capital growth
* Emotional versus a non-emotional property investing
* Investing in high cash yielding properties in Liverpool (from 6% net plus)
* Birmingham starting at £180,000
* London starting at £297,000
* Offshore Financial Services, including UK limited companies via our UK accountants
* Mortgages and options available for SA investors in the UK over £70,000.

Appointments are normally around 45 minutes in length.


Virtual Appointments

Please email us for a one-on-one virtual appointment slot from the comfort of your home or office. We will send through the due diligence’s prior to the meeting. of the selected properties.

Cape Town Meetings

Date TBC

Johannesburg Meetings

Date TBC

Durban Meetings

Date TBC

Bloemfontein Meetings

Date TBC

Windhoek Meetings

Date TBC

Please book a time by filling out the form below or contacting the below numbers.


To arrange a meeting in London please e-mail us using the form below or the mobile numbers. We are always available to talk through any questions  either in person or online.


Email: invest@propwealth.co.uk 

Text or call: +447500166982 or +447880682598

Whats App: +447500166982 or +447880682598

iMessage:  +447500166982 0r +447880682598 ( iPhone)

These numbers work in South Africa, the UK and globally.

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