More of our South African investors are looking for a Rand sterling hedge and a secure property in the UK offers this. We visit South Africa frequently, so feel free to contact us to set up a time to meet that suits you. However, if you would like to talk to us sooner, please call us on the numbers provided below. You can also send a text and we will call you back. We are accessible most times of the day. If you are visiting the UK, we can set up a time to meet you in London. If you would like to meet our partners in Liverpool or London, let us know so we can arrange this for you.

We are continually sourcing property and we really enjoy meeting our investors. We also encourage our investors to take the time and to make the effort to see the property they are investing in.

Meeting us will cover aspects including:
* Your requirements in building a sensible cash generating portfolio;
* Investing in buy-to-let property starting at £55,000;
* Cash flow versus capital growth;
* Emotional versus a non-emotional property investing;
* Investing in high cash yielding properties in Liverpool (5-6% net plus);
* Birmingham starting at £180,000;
* London starting at £400,000;
* Offshore Financial Services, including UK limited companies via our UK accountants;
* Mortgages and options available for SA investors in the UK over £130,000.

Meetings are normally around an hour in length.

You can email us directly at for information on our current investments, or you can text us on +447500166982 and we can call you back.


To arrange a meeting with us at Members club – The Century Club Shaftesbury Ave London kindly  Email us using the form below.

Johannesburg Meetings

21 November 2018 – Rosebank

Cape Town Meetings

28 November  2018 – The One and Only Hotel in the V and A Waterfront


10 December 2018 Umhlanga

Please book your appointment by simply filling out the form below or texting +447500166982

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