PropWealth offers a seamless investing process, and with a team of professionals built up over the years, our investors are confident with each aspect of the journey, from beginning to end. Many investors build large portfolios and derive excellent cash flow returns.

Our approach is to work from a yield strategy and not a price strategy. This means that we set minimum expected yields, above the UK norm, and on the basis of this we negotiate the investing price of the property.

Yields take approximately one year to completely generate and stabilise. The first year may be turbulent with tenants and other set up fees, but experience has shown that the property eventually settles.

At our first meeting, we ascertain your needs and requirements and accordingly offer structured, easy to follow advice for your investment plans in the UK. We also introduce you to our network of trusted, experienced professionals which include accountants and solicitors, as well as rental and management agents. All of these services are independent of Propwealth and assist us with our personal investment properties.

It takes years of experience to source and identify suitable properties. The key is to look for decent yields in this volatile time. It is interesting to note that for every 35 properties we see and review, only 3 to 5 are passed on to our clients or invested in by ourselves. You can therefore guarantee that we will be providing you with nothing but the best investment opportunities.

FEE 1. PROPERTY SOURCING FEE – Initial Professional and investing Advice fees if property sourcing is required – We go through a long process of negotiating the price of the property before we present the same to our investors. The key to our investing is making sure that tenants abound and that the yields are between 5% and 8% depending on location. £ 4500.00 (no VAT charged if you are outside the EU)

FEE 2 . NEW BUILD FEE – If your buy one of our listed NEW BUILD investments, there is NO FEE charged

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