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Company No: 6865709

Vat No: 196349561

Address: Holland Road, Hove, UK.

Registered Address : Bank House, 81 St Jude’s Rd, Englefield Green, Egham TW20 0DF


Your data is incredibly important to you and to us. PROPVEST LTD uses and stores your data for fulfilling a contract with you to with regards purchasing investment property and keeping up to date with property news and advice with your consent. You may withdraw consent for marketing at any time.

What do we collect? – To enable us to progress sales or to send marketing advice and information we will ask you to provide personal details such as: Name/ Email address / and  or Address

What do we do with your data? – PROPVEST LTD will never pass or sell your data  except where a third party requires the data to provide communications as part of our normal service. We use cookies on our website – partly to provide basic web services and partly to help us monitor and track website usage through Google Analytics . If you decide you can choose to Opt Out by unsubscribing on the link below all marketing emails.

Your Rights – You have the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified or removed – if you would like to do so please contact us on

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