Our Support Companies

We are very happy to be involved with like minded companies and organisations who offer top advice and services to our investors. The investing process for offshore investors can be daunting, but we have simplified the procedures. We really try and make things as simple as it can possibly be.
This page covers procedures from ourselves to our solicitors plus our UK accountants aiming give a seamless investing process from beginning to end.

Our Support and Advisory Team
We are involved with the following companies and organisations who offer the correct advice and services.
Our investors slot into this network when they require the services. It has taken a while and many trials to realise which companies think and work with a similar mindset.

Our Solicitors
In the UK there are two solicitors involved in the transaction. The buyer has their own solicitor and you as the purchaser have your own. The first stage is the exchange of contracts.
Your solicitor will not allow you to sign anything unless they are 100% happy that everything is in place. They act on your behalf to protect your interests.
This keeps everything very transparent. Please enquire directly with us for the Legal Framework documents which outline the exact procedures and requirements when investing in UK real estate.
Donn and Co based in Shropshire assist our investors in all aspects of property buying, from new builds, off-plan and existing investments
WEBSITE : www.donnandco.com/About_Us

Need a Bank Account?
We work with numerous banks who have assisted our investors with an easy setup and full internet banking facilities for the past few years.
If you require a bank account in your personal name we can facilitate one within a few days including debit cards. It is important that all investor have a UK account not only to meet MLA requirements but also rental payment need to be made into a UK account.

Need an Offshore Mortgage?
Propwealth works with numerous mortgage brokers who specialise in sourcing the best deals for our offshore investors. The requirements fluctuate continuously and it is best to speak to Simon for the latest updates. For non-UK residents it is difficult to mortgage any property under £130 000.
Most of our Liverpool buy-to-rent units are under this figure but are certainly over that in London.
* And Simon Conn Offshore Mortgage Specialist - WEBSITE : www.simonconn.com

Need an Accounting Firm?
Exceed UK accountants offer all our investors a seamless service from registering them as Non Resident Landlords to opening Limited Companies and a full UK tax service.
They are based just outside London. Please see their services here - http://www.propwealth.co.uk/about-the-team/accounting-services
WEBSITE: www.exceeduk.co.uk

Our Property Developers
We use reputable developers throughout the UK. They are financially secure and construct well-built properties that offer stable and profitable Buy-to-Let investments. More importantly, the properties all come with our stamp of approval, meaning that they are placed correctly for the tenant market.
We use Berkeley Homes in London and Property Developers Ltd in Liverpool.

Rental Agents
We use reputable, ARLA registered rental agents in the UK. Our appointed agents specialise in their neighbourhoods and know the nuances of the rental market and the tenant base well.
As investors ourselves, we insist on proper tenant screening, credit checks and securing deposits. ( don't always get the right tenant but we try)
All our outsourced rental agents offer full management usually from 10%-12% plus VAT.
*In Liverpool we use the developers rental company. Janet from Tuna Fish Rentals manage and take care of our own properties as well as those of our investors.They are small and focused and give personal and well meaning service.
The owner is himself a buy-to-let investor so knows and understands property more than most.*