The Directors

Craig Illman

I am an entrepreneur who has travelled the globe extensively. After completing compulsory military service in South Africa, I had a burning passion for exploring the world and still do today.
I have been in business for over 25 years and almost all of these years involve property in some way including renovating homes in Parkhurst, Johannesburg as well as the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town.
Over the last 10 years, I have become very active in the UK property market both investing and selling onto like-minded buy-to-let investors. I love what I do as Propwealth incorporates property and people - and travel!
We are passionate about investing in the great property deals available as well as giving others the opportunity to invest in their own cash flow property portfolio. It is a great way to build a retirement fund and gives us the freedom that is so crucial in life.

Anthony Doyle - UK Director
"I started my first business when still at school and developed it further whilst studying Bachelor of Arts at the University of Cape Town. I have been in business for 25 years and I am as passionate about property now as when I first started.
I began buying at a very young age and quickly understood that property is the best way to generate cash flow and wealth.
Most people were buying and selling then but I realised that the more favourable option, wherever possible, is to hold onto the property and NEVER sell. By buying old, fixing and selling on proved to be a great way to generate cash to invest in more cash yielding property.
I moved to the UK almost 10 years ago and started a cash generating residential portfolio in the United Kingdom. The long-term growth is exactly that, long term and steering away from emotional real estate. I am committed to service and people.
Our objective is to see our investors build up portfolios that work with the anticipated yields. We cannot think of a better way to generate a passive cash income.
As we always say, build the cash flow portfolio now while you still have a current cash flow.