The key to investing in residential properties in the UK is to maintain good yields and to keep the cash flows steady. Our real estate is unique in  location and generally below the open market value. Tenant demand is also crucial to property investing. 

Our focus over the years has been to source viable properties in which we ourselves invest  and therefore feel comfortable recommending to fellow investors.

Our Business.

Propwealth is also about relationship building and understanding what our investors want. We have forged partnerships with our UK associates to facilitate this. We have a very clear and simple plan to make sense of investing. Property and tenants  are both investments and require strong management, and investor focus.

At Propwealth we have created a beginning-to-end operation to assist distant investors with all the information needed to become successful UK buy to let investors.

We visit South Africa a minimum of three times a year and enjoy meeting both our current and new investors. If you are looking to create a cash generating portfolio for the future or one small investment property then please contact us. Visit the Meet Us page for our upcoming dates to South Africa and book a time on line or by texting the numbers below.

Join our data base for a free course on investing in the UK. The course will be e mailed to your address over a few months. The weekly mail is focused, clear and has very simple tips for investing in buy to let property in the UK. Please enter your details at the bottom of the page to begin the information course.