The key to keeping our investors happy in UK property investment is not only the passion, but the ability to source bespoke properties that give a good return on cash.
Once you have committed to dealing with us you will see that all our properties are unique. Unique in location and price plus the fact that we find the property way before they get to the open market. It's about yields, cash flows and an abundance of tenants.
We are not estate agents selling off any property, but rather bespoke buy-to-let investors who source good property with a good Sterling income. We cannot buy all the property we see ourselves so we pass it onto like minded buy-to-let investors. This has been our core focus for the last seven years.
We have set up a rental company with competant staff that then source and nature the tenants.

Our Business
Propwealth is about relationship building and understanding what our investors are looking for.
We have forged relationships with our United Kingdom associates to facilitate this. In the minefield of real estate you need a very clear and simple plan to make sense of.
It has taken six years to really understand it all. ( besides twenty five years of property investing in South Africa) - Learning by expensive mistakes, correcting and moving on. Property and tenants are fluid and need constant awareness and interest from both the agent and the owner. ( we stress this from day one)

We visit South Africa at least three times a year and enjoy meeting both our current and new investors face to face. If you are looking to create a cash generating portfolio for the future or just one small investment property then please contact us.
Have a look at our Meet Us page for our dates to South Africa in November 2016 and and join our data base for a free course on investing in the UK. We meet our investors in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Our passion is to offer our investors a relationship built on trust, integrity and sincerity backed by professionalism and experience. Furthermore we only recommend the types of property investments in which we ourselves invest and that generate strong cash flows. It is our continued intention to develop our own, plus investors portfolios with a clear focus on value and simplicity in this current market.